Allhallows on Air was born on Good Friday 2012 in Allhallows Leisure Park in Kent as a vehicle to carry information and news to the many owners on the site.  Since then it has evolved into a hub of great music and a place where people come in and enjoy a chat as well as take part with shows live on air. Since March 1st 2013 we started broadcast over the internet widening our listener base to outside the park.

The Studio is also used to broadcast shows to “Venture Radio” and it is streamed every Wednesday at 4pm and Saturday at midday.

Allhallows on Air was re-branded to Allhallows Community Radio this is your first visit to ACR then let us welcome you with open arms. ACR is based in Allhallows which is a small village in the county of Kent in the United Kingdom. We broadcast 24 hours a day over the internet and play family orientated music. ACR is powered by Haven, the studio is situated in the grounds of Allhallows Leisure park which is a family holiday park ( ACR is also known as Allhallows on Air. The purpose of the station is to bring the Allhallows community together and share news, opinions and events to promote our village and keep everyone informed with important events. If you have an event that you need advertised simply email Marty ACR does broadcast live but there are also times when we are on ‘AUTO DJ’ mode. This is generally during the evenings and early mornings or when work is being carried out in the studio (we are still building to it). ACR is a voluntary run station and is seeking licensing in 2014 for a FM frequency to enable the residents of Allhallows to listen more freely. We respect and adhere to the broadcasting rules and regulations that are set out by OFCOM. We are fully licensed. If you have any questions regarding the running of the station please feel free to contact Marty on and he will be happy to assist you.