The Stream details for your layout is  Shoutcast version 1
The source password is: showpass831

We are now using The Stream Daddy as our stream providers.

Please name the stream ‘Private do not join’  This stream is solely to connect you to AOA, the listeners will hear you on our output.

Go to and sign in with your username & password.

At XX:59 and 58 seconds, stop the auto DJ and start your stream.  The gap in-between will close up so don’t worry.  Then at the end of your show, XX:59:58 Turn off your stream and turn on the Auto DJ, again the gap will close up automatically so don’t worry (you have about 16 seconds grace, when it goes live it eliminates the gap).

Please give it no less than about 2 seconds from closing a stream to activating one.

Please check out that you can log in etc before the day of your show, don’t leave it to the last minute.

Allhallows on Air does not allow music with swearing in it or blatant sexual references.  It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that you have checked the song version you are broadcasting and that at all times when broadcasting you are aware of your content.

Enjoy your show and don’t forget to post in the chat room and on FB etc to maximise your listener base.